Segun Olotu
(Nigeria, UK)

Segun Olotu

“It is not about the camera, it is all about understanding what equipment you have at the moment and creating what you can create.”

Through documentary photography, Segun Olotu provides wedding memories to clients across US, Europe, Africa & rest of the world. He is a Fearless Photographer who specialises in a documentary style photography that captures life’s important moments. After capturing the raw emotions of the moment and the nuances of people as they went about their day, he draws on his ability to capture the small but significant things that give brides and grooms that special “can’t-believe- you-got-that” moment.

Segun was recently named Top 100 SLR Lounge international Photographers in 2016. He has also received 2 Fearless awards in the last 3 years. And last but not least, he is the convener of Africa’s biggest photography gathering, “The Now Collectives”.

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