Pedro Cabrera & Andrea Giraldo

Pedro Cabrera & Andrea Giraldo

“Our style is artistic and documentary, we like to ensure that everything is dynamic and lively, freeing the flow of energy and personality that makes each couple unique in its own way.”

In addition to photography, we have developed a great working team with David and Irene for wedding video production and thus we have obtained a relationship between photographers and videographers, coordinated in the same style and doing a great job as a team.”

Pedro Cabrera and Andrea Giraldo have received numerous prestigious international awards and titles:

  • Fearless Photographer of the Year 2015
  • Wedding Photography Select – Top 10. International Photographers (2014-2015-2016)
  • International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers – Top 10. Photographer of the Quarter (2013-2014-2015-2016-2017)
  • SLR Lounge Magazine –  Top photographers in the world
  • Fearless Photographers – 49 international awards
  • Fearless Photographers – 1 of the best wedding stories – Andrea Giraldo (2015)
  • International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers – 66 International “ISPWP Awards”
  • MyWed Photographers – 2 of the best wedding stories – Pedro Cabrera & Andrea Giraldo (2015)
  • Wedding Photography Select – 60 International “WPS Awards”
  • Wedding Photojournalist Association – 18 International “WPJA Awards”
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