Cătălin Anghel

Cătălin Anghel

“Photographers have super powers. We can stop time, put it in the frame, and hold it forever. A photographer gives people the opportunity to travel in time. Whenever you look at a photo you can go back in time and re-live that moment. Creativity has no boundaries!”

Cătălin Anghel is a photography artist and professional wedding photographer based in Timișoara, Romania. He found the best team member ever in the person of his brother, Adrian Anghel. They work together since 2014 in a photographer-videographer duo under the name of Anghel Brothers, creating outstandingly beautiful memories for couples all around the world.

Cătălin layed the basis of his formation at the Dublin Institute of Photography and continued his education through multiple courses & workshops held by industry prodigies in photography and videography.

After returning to his homeland in 2014, he felt like the job in mass-media didn’t allow him to fully express his creativity, hence decided to launch his independent career in event photography and videography, founding the Anghel Brothers brand alongside Adrian. The two artists are highly acclaimed and respected in the national and international community.

The years of journalistic practice for the local and national television have shaped his photographic style to date. Cătălin Anghel likes to shoot events in a photojournalistic way and uses a strobist style when doing product photography and fashion.

Cătălin Anghel is the winner of many national and international photographic awards and accolades from all the major contests he participated in, organized by: Fearless Photographers, WPS, MyWed, YPWP, WedInspire, WeddCamp. He has been published twice by National Geographic.

Apart from being an accomplished photography artist, Cătălin Anghel is also a very active promoter of social causes related to his community. In 2014, he has organized a photography project named Fotocultura which highlighted his hometown, Timișoara.

Selected Work