Cafa Liu

Cafa Liu

“I record marriage moments from a special “Cafa” angle, and create love memories with passion. I am not a story-maker, but a story-teller, telling the love stories in an artistically way.

Photography is much more than a job for me. The camera helps me meet amazing couples in the world, I love it… Photography is not just about light and composition. Photography is about love.”

Toronto-based top wedding photographer Cafa Liu has received numerous awards and is part of many photographic communities.

  • International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) – 2ND Ranked (2016)
  • Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada (PWPC) – 2ND Ranked (2016)
  • Top Fearless Photographers of 2016
  • SLR Lounge Top 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the U.S. and Canada (2016)
  • Nicholas Purcell – The 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the Word (2016)
  • Quarter Contest of ISPWP – Ranked Top 10 for three times in a row
  • Quarter Contest of PWPC – Ranked Top 3 for three times in a row
  • MyWed – Winner of Single Shot of the Nikon Award (2016)
  • PWPC Summer 2017 Grand Winner
  • Fearless/ ISPWP/PWPC – About 100 international awards
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