Wedding stories always have a hint of magic within. To each culture, its own.
When it comes to wedding photographers though, every single event also brings a great deal of effort. It’s about endless hours of undivided attention and unexpected challenges along the way.

WedTrotter is an independent documentary movie series created by Anghel Brothers and friends. Its aim is to uncover the inside job of top contemporary wedding photographers around the world. To achieve this, WedTrotter team travels around the world and documents the wedding traditions from 12 countries on 4 continents.

The Locations

WedTrotter’s cast (the photographers) are based the following locations:



North America

South Africa

The Mission

WedTrotter’s primary mission is to inform and educate aspiring photographers about the secrets of the craft. Couples about to get married will also find priceless insight on how to work with their photographers and videographers for capturing beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

There are countless ups and downs, funny moments and real-life struggles in the process of creating the perfect shot. WedTrotter will show you the backstage of it all.

The Crew

Ștefan Cotenescu
Ștefan Cotenescu

WedTrotter SEO & Localization Specialist

Ștefan loves to travel, work and be around people of various walks of life. He studied international tourism management with a BA degree. After graduating the university, he traveled around the world, working one year on a cruise ship - discovering new places and a lot of interesting people. At present, he is a Project Manager in a full-service advertising agency in Munich and he runs a small company of his own with 8 employees in Romania.
Cătălin Anghel
Cătălin Anghel

WedTrotter Producer - “The Photo Guy”

Telling the story, one picture at a time. Cătălin started off his media career in 2008 and a few years later became a graduate of Dublin’s Institute of Photography. He is based in Romania and has been a member of highly acclaimed professional associations, including Fearless Photographers, Wedding Photography Select , MyWed and the Romanian Association of Photography Artists. Cătălin is the loving father of three, a bold photojournalist and an award-winning artist - still, he likes to call himself simply “The Photo Guy”.
Adrian Anghel
Adrian Anghel

WedTrotter Producer - “The Video Guy”

Adrian is a professional who began his adventure in the field of video creation in 2007. Characterized by earnestness and perseverance, he quickly climbed the steps of his career and he received many praises from both television and clients. After years of television experience, coming to know the secrets of video production, Adrian decided to lay the foundations for a large project called Anghel Brothers Production side by side with Cătălin. And the adventure does not stop there...
Iulian Bojincă
Iulian Bojincă

WedTrotter Software Engineer

In the past 5 years, Iulian Bojinca has been involved in the fast and powerful growing web community in Timisoara, Romania. Owned by two stray cats, he works best with at least one cat on the keyboard. “Applied-knowledge-is-power” kinda guy, he also likes doing all kinds of sports and eat as healthy as possible.
Laura Bojincă-Moisei
Laura Bojincă-Moisei

WedTrotter Marketing & PR Director

Full-stack online marketer reporting for duty since 2010, Laura’s world has been revolving around digital arts for as long as she can remember. She likes to mix’n’match creativity with precision in order to get that result no matter what. From strategic planning to implementing campaigns and monitoring KPIs, Laura enjoys every step of the way as long as she has enough coffee to go.
Vasile Petrice
Vasile Petrice

WedTrotter Web & Graphic Designer

A creative mind and an astute observer, Vasile ventured into the Arts world through his studies and used rigor to set his designs apart. He started his first graphic design project in 2006 and has cultivated his style through the years with highly detail-oriented touches, establishing a clear and coherent visual communication for his clients. With a steady hand and a well-crafted artistry, he left his fingerprints on projects ranging from web, interior design, print and bike restoration - his all-time favorite hobby.